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We offer complete spine care for patients facing musculoskeletal discomfort and spinal pain

About Rozier MD

Dr. Antonio Rozier is trained and experienced to treat spinal and musculoskeletal pain by carrying out the latest interventional and minimally invasive techniques. Along with performing these procedures, Dr. Rozier executes ultrasound-guided, regenerative interventional techniques. Hailing from Voorhees (New Jersey), he attended Morehouse College in Atlanta (Georgia) from where he graduated cum laude with a B.S degree in Biology (2004).

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Physical medicine is also sometimes referred to as physiatry.

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Shoulder Pain Treatment

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Sports Injury Treatment

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Stem Cell Injections

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It's taken 12 years to get my PCP to send me to a spine doctor. I praise God he sent me to Dr. Rozier. He genuinely loves what he does and had a complete understanding of my pain. He helped me to alleviate the pain, naturally! I'm grateful to his staff, who are interested and engaging. You don't get this kind of CARE everywhere.

Dawn McGee

This young a blessing to me. I have had a headache in my temple for months. The VA (Veterans Adminstration) blew my problem off. Dr. Rosier took me serious and got to the root of my problem and did something about it and stopped my headache!! This is the guy to see when you want real results. I recommend him to all my fellow veterans. Trust me he would t let you down!! Outstanding staff and great bedside manner. Keep up the great work sir!!! As we say in the military,WELL DONE SIR!!??

Raven One

Dr.Rozier was extremely professional and took the time to explain my condition as well as a treatment plan. He was able to make me feel great about the prospect of injections, and I’m not a fan of needles.

Caressa Roberts

Antonio Rozier MD


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    Choosing the right pain doctor can be challenging due to the numerous doctors that are available these days. To choose the right pain doctor, you need to take several things into consideration. Choose a doctor that is experienced with pain management and treatments.

    You need to take into consideration the reputation of the doctor and reviews from his/her patients. Apart from the medical experts, you need to also consider the personality of the doctor. Does he care for his patients? Does he have listening ears? How he provides his services according to the condition and needs of his patients? All these are some of the things you should consider before choosing a pain doctor.


    Dr. Antonio Rozier MD, is arguably the best pain doctor that you can find in Mansfield and its environs. Dr. Rozier has endearing qualities that distinguish him from other pain doctors around.

    Dr. Rozier graduated with a BSc in Biology from Morehouse College in Atlanta. He continued his Medical School at Boston University and was awarded an M.D. degree in 2008.

    He completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Birmingham, Alabama with specialized training in electro-diagnostics, musculoskeletal medicine, and traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. He also went further to complete a fellowship in Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine at Alabama Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Medicine Associates.

    He has served as a diplomat of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is also an active member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, International Spine Intervention Society, and American Pain Society.

    Dr. Rozier has many other excellent qualities and we are going to explore 5 good reasons why Dr. Rozier is the best doctor that you should consult for pain and other treatments.

    He is experienced with pain management and treatment

    Dr. Antonio Rozier is a doctor with several years of experience in pain management and treatments. He is trained and experienced in the treatment of spinal and musculoskeletal pain by carrying out the latest interventional and minimally invasive techniques. He is well-knowledgeable in the field of spinal and musculoskeletal pain management. He knows the best approach to take ease your pain and improve your condition in a relatively short time. He is familiar with regenerative interventional techniques, ultrasound-guided techniques, and other pain management techniques to ensure speedy recovery and relief of pain.

    He has an unending interest in medical advancements

    Dr. Rozier is always interested in medical advancements. Technology is continually transforming the pain management landscape. This brings about new developments to efficiently and effectively treat patients. Dr. Rozier is always updated with the newest and best treatment options for pain. He is always interested in the newest medical advancements through dedicated research and clinical trials. He ensures that his patients get the best and most effective treatments.

    He has good listening ears

    The first treatment step for every doctor is to listen to his or her patients. Dr. Rozier has good listening skills and attentively listens to his patients to know exactly what is wrong with them. He does not only function as a doctor, he also partners with his patients by listening to them to provide the best treatments. He provides a comfortable environment whereby his patients can speak freely and say anything they like to say. He listens to his patients and digests what patients have said before giving his medical advice and treatments.

    He is empathetic

    Doctors with empathy take proper care more than doctors without empathy. Dr. Rosier is not only a professional medical doctor, he is also a caregiver. He is very empathetic to his patients and he sees all his patients like family. As an empathetic doctor, he shows all his patients that he cares about them. He spends time with them and assures them that they’re going to be well and fine. He gives them hope and increases their trust in him and his treatments. He knows how to work on the psychology and mental state of his patients to increase their chances of recovery. He puts himself in his patient’s shoes to know what his patients are feeling. This helps him in providing the needed care and support that his patients need to recover.

    He is honest and always available

    antonio roziermd pain doctor

    Honesty is the benchmark of every successful person. An honest person is a person with integrity and a good reputation. All these qualities are some of the virtues of Dr. Rozier. He is an honest man and also always available for his patients. He provides honest counsel and gives honest medical advice to his patients. Regardless of his busy schedules, he still takes out time to answer the calls of his patients and listen to them. He is always available to answer questions and inquiries from his patients. He is an honest man with a good heart that is always ready to serve and improve the condition of his patients.

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