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Foot Pain Treatment in Mansfield Tx

You ask a lot of your feet. In fact, most people walk about five miles a day without even realizing that they’re doing it, just going to and from their car, to and from the water cooler, in and out of the convenience store, and doing routine tasks around the home. No wonder your feet hurt!

So, if you’re suffering from foot problems and need foot pain treatment in Mansfield Tx, what can you do? First, identify the source of the pain.

Heel Pain

Pain in the heel can mean that you need plantar fasciitis treatment. Mansfield Tx patients often experience an inflammation or irritation in the tissue that connects the toes to the heel bone, and it’s often most painful in the morning, just when you’re getting up.

It’s most often felt in the heel, but can occur in the arch as well. Much of the time, heel pain will respond to simply resting your foot, or taking OTC pain relievers. It’s also important to make sure that you wear shoes that have good arch supports, and a well-padded sole.

Heel spurs can also cause foot pain. These are caused by abnormal bone growth on the bottom of the heel, and can be caused by vigorous running, or even due to wearing ill-fitting shoes.

You may experience pain when standing or walking, and if you have high arches or extremely low arches, you are more likely to develop heel spurs. To relieve the pain, you can rest your feet, take OTC pain relievers, and make sure that your shoes are equipped with shock absorbing soles. If the pain persists, you may need to consult a doctor.

Stone Bruises

They’re exactly what they sound like – bruises that are caused by stepping on stones or other hard objects. Usually, you end up with a bruise on the ball of the foot or the fatty pad of the heel.

This type of injury usually goes away in the fullness of time and does not require treatment. A bit of rest and OTC pain relievers are the best course of treatment for stone bruises.

Heel Fractures

Heel fractures are high-impact injuries due to sharp trauma. Your heel bone could break, or even shatter. Symptoms are pain (obviously), swelling, bruising and trouble walking. If you have a heel fracture, you’ll probably need to see a doctor, and he or she will probably recommend that you walk on crutches for a while.

Foot Pain Treatment Mansfield TX

The foot consists of 26 bones, making it one of the most complex structured parts of the body. It consists of more than 30 small joints, several muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves.

The weight of the whole body is rested on the feet and it supports the bodyweight when running or walking.

The foot is naturally susceptible to injury due to its functions.

Overuse of the foot, injury or other medical conditions can cause foot pain. Arthritis is a common cause of foot pain in older adults.

Causes of foot pain

There are many different causes of foot pain. It could be caused by medical conditions, injury, improper footwear, or diseases.

The causes of foot pain include:

Symptoms of foot pain

  • Tenderness of the foot
  • Inflammation
  • Discoloration
  • Inability to move or stand well
  • The area becomes warmer than normal
  • Infection


During the diagnosis, your doctor will physically examine the feet and apply a bit of pressure to ascertain the degree of pain.

Your doctor will touch the arch of the foot and manipulate the foot for any abnormalities.

Your doctor may ask you to stand and walk so that he or she can observe how you walk.

If there are any signs of infection, your doctor may recommend a blood test.

You may undergo imaging scans such as X-ray, MRI, CT scan or bone scan. This will enable your doctor to view the internal structure of your bone for any fracture or abnormalities.


There are a lot of treatment options for foot pain. The kind of treatment which your doctor will use depends on the cause and the severity of the pain.

However, common treatment options for foot pain include:


RICE means Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. This is a home remedy for treating foot pain.

Resting allows the tissues in the foot to heal by preventing further stress or strain.

Applying ice packs to the affected area helps to reduce inflammation or swelling. It also helps to numb or relieve pain.

The use of compression stockings or materials helps to reduce inflammation.

Elevating the foot higher than the level of your heart helps to reduce pain and improve blood circulation.


Over-the-counter pain killers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen help to reduce pain and inflammation. Follow your doctor’s recommendation and prescription before taking these medications.

Corrective prophylactic measures

Wearing appropriate and comfortable footwear helps to alleviate and prevent foot pain. Wear shoes with appropriate insoles and proper fittings.

Physical therapy

Physical therapies or exercises may be recommended to increase the strength and stability of the affected area.

Most of the time the pain can be relieved using OTC remedies, but in severe cases, your doctor may prescribe something stronger. Dr. Antonio Rozier can help you with foot pain issues. Call 1-888-499-6908 for a consultation.

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