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Regenerative Medicine Specialist Mansfield TX : The branch of medicine that develops approaches to regrow, repair or replace damaged or diseased organs, cells, or tissues in the body is known as regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine focuses on developing and applying new treatment approaches to heal and replace tissues and organs and restore their functions.

Regenerative medicine includes the generation and use of tissue engineering and biomaterials, therapeutic stem cells, medical devices and artificial organs.

The combinations of these approaches can increase the natural healing process of the organs, cells, and tissues in the body. These approaches can also take over the function of a permanently damaged organ or tissue.

The approaches in the field of regenerative medicine

The approaches in the field of regenerative medicine include:

1. Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials

Regenerative Medicine Specialist Mansfield TX

Tissue engineering and biomaterials is a strategy that involves implanting biologically compatible scaffolds in the body at the site where new tissue is to be formed. The scaffold attracts cells that produce new tissue in the desired shape.

Millions of patients in the U.S and around the world have been treated with some form of tissue-engineered devices.

2. Stem Cells or Cellular Therapies

Adult stem cells are found in the human body. The body uses stem cells as a way of repairing damaged or diseased tissues. Stem cells are known as regenerative cells and can form many different types of cells in the human body. Stem cells help to repair and regenerate damaged cells and tissues.

When adult stem cells are harvested from a part of the body, particularly the bone marrow and then injected at the site of diseased or damaged tissue, the damaged tissue will begin to reconstruct or regenerate.

Apart from the bone marrow, stem cells can also be harvested from the blood, cord blood, fat, skeletal muscle, dental pulp, and some other sources.

3. Medical Devices and Artificial Organs

Regenerative Medicine Specialist Mansfield TX

This involves the replacement or transplant of a damaged organ with another healthy organ harvested from a donor. It could take some time before a donor is found; hence the use of medical devices to support the failing or damaged organ before a donor is found

How much does regenerative medicine cost?

The costs of regenerative medicine vary considerably depending on the specific treatment, location, expertise of the doctor, and the hospital where the treatment is done.

For example, a heart transplant typically costs way more than a PRP injection. The cost of a single PRP injection ranges from $500 to $2,000 while bone marrow stem cell treatments range from below $5,000 for simple treatments to $ $25,000 or more for complex treatments.

Is regenerative medicine covered by insurance?

Health insurance typically doesn’t cover stem cell injections. However, there are exceptions to certain treatments that are covered by insurance, such as bone-marrow transplants for cancer patients and aplastic anemia.

For example, Medicare covers stem cell therapy for very specific uses. They cover stem cell treatment for treating certain types of cancer or bleeding disorders, such as sickle cell disease. They cover regenerative treatments that are FDA-approved treatments and meet certain requirements.

Does regenerative medicine really work?


Regenerative medicine has recorded a track of successes since its inception. Patients with a number of diseases have found improvements with regenerative medicine.

When administered by qualified professionals and used properly, stem cell therapies and other regenerative medicines have proved to be safe and effective.

According to data for the effectiveness of stem cell and other regenerative medicines, 36 medical centers provided data with clinical efficacy of 82.2 percent. 10 clinics provided 90-100 percent efficacy, 15 clinics provided 80-90 percent efficacy, 10 clinics provided 70 to 80 percent efficacy and one clinic provided 55 percent efficacy.

What can regenerative medicine cure?

Regenerative medicine has the potential to heal, repair, and regenerate any damaged cell and tissue in the body. In theory, this means that there is no disease that can’t be cured with regenerative medicine.

Stem cell therapies and other regenerative medicines have the potential to cure a variety of diseases including spinal cord injuries, burns, type 1 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, and cancer.

How much does regenerative stem cell therapy cost?

The cost of regenerative stem cell therapy varies depending on the type of treatment, location, doctor’s experience and hospital. Regenerative stem cell therapy can cost anywhere from below $2,000 for simple treatments to $25,000 or more for complex treatments.

Best Regenerative Medicine Specialist Mansfield TX is Rozier MD

Regenerative Medicine Specialist Mansfield TX

Dr. Antonio Rozier MD is a reputable and highly skilled regenerative medicine specialist that practices in Mansfield, Texas. He is trained and experienced to treat spinal and musculoskeletal conditions using regenerative medicine.

As a doctor that is always seeking advancements in medicine, Dr. Rozier has continuously seek ways to help patients with pain and improve their conditions through regenerative medicine. His aim is to promote his patient’s optimal health by seeking the newest interventional treatments and working with his patients to ensure that they are perfectly healed.

He uses stem cell therapy to treat a variety of diseases and medical conditions. He specializes in evaluating, diagnosing, and treatment a variety of diseases and medical conditions.

As a doctor that is board-certified in pain management, Dr. Rozier uses stem cell therapy to ensure that patients find relief in their painful spinal and musculoskeletal conditions

Apart from being the best regenerative medicine specialist in Mansfield, Dr. Rozier is highly skilled in pain management interventions including interventional spine and sports medicine, physical medicine, rehabilitation, musculoskeletal medicine, and spinal cord injuries.

Dr. Rozier has performed numerous successful treatments using regenerative medicine. He is always interested in medical advancements and the newest interventional techniques.

He has performed outstanding work in the healthcare industry and also serves as a diplomat of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He provides a comfortable environment for his patients to ensure their total healing and wellness.

If you are a patient suffering from osteoarthritis, auto-immune disease, anemia, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, stroke, liver disease, cardiovascular, disease, cancer, or any other type of disease, you may find improvements in your condition by undergoing stem cell therapy.

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