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Sports Medicine, Mansfield TX is a branch of medicine that specializes in physical fitness and also the treatment and prevention of sports and exercise-related injuries.

Sports medicine involves similar training and standards similar to other medical specialties. However, it is not a medical specialty in itself. Most sports medicine healthcare providers are certified in internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, and some other specialties. They then get additional training in sports medicine.

A sports medicine healthcare provider is known as a sports physician. A sports physician has special training to restore an injured patient so that he or she can use his or her body again as soon as possible. Sports physicians work with professional athletes to ensure that they minimize their risks of sustaining injuries and treat them in cases of sport-related injuries.

Some sports medicine healthcare provider specializes in treating injuries in children and teens. This is because the body of children and teens is quite different from the body of adults. The bones in children and teens are not as strong as the bones in adults. These kinds of sports medicine healthcare providers are generally board-certified in pediatrics or family medicine with additional training in sports medicine.

The conditions that are treated by sports physicians or sports medicine healthcare providers include muscle strain, trauma, and other sports-related injuries.

Sports medicine Vs physical therapy

Sports medicine majorly focuses on treating and managing injuries with non-surgical methods which include physical therapies. Physical therapy involves using special types of exercises to strengthen muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones after an injury.

Benefits of sports medicine

  • Sports medicine helps to prevent sports-related injuries by providing preventive measures.
  • It offers the exclusive care and innovative treatment options for sports-related injuries
  • It speeds up the recovery process and time
  • It increases athletes performance


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