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Advanced Physical Medicine in Mansfield, TX

Physical medicine is also sometimes referred to as physiatry. It’s a program of advanced physical medicine in Mansfield, TX and for that matter, all across the country.

It goes hand in hand with rehabilitation, emphasizing the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various disorders, particularly as they affect the muscles, bones, nerves and brain that could lead to impairment (both temporary and permanent).

A rehabilitation physician is someone who has been highly trained in the treatment of illnesses and injuries that affect the way that you move. The focus isn’t just on one part of your body.

Instead, the treatment focuses on putting your whole life back together, not just medically, but vocationally, socially and emotionally, following a disease or an injury. A physical medicine specialist considers issues that run the gamut from multiple trauma to injury prevention.

The physical medicine specialist is an expert in the bones, nerves and muscles that work to help you move, and by considering the entire body, can both treat injuries and help you avoid them.

Injuries and Pain

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve had an athletic injury that’s left you in pain, or with a loss of function.

Your rehabilitation physician can work with you through these changes in your life to get you back, if not to the point where you were before, at least to a reasonable level of functionality. Or perhaps you’re in chronic pain from a repetitive stress injury, arthritis or a back problem.

Maybe you’re overweight, and that makes it hard for you to exercise. Or you’ve gone through a life change like menopause or childbirth.

An Mansfield, TX physical medicine physician can work with you to determine your condition, find out what you want to achieve in terms of your rehabilitation, rule out complications that could affect your treatment, and then devise a plan that suits you.


If you’re going to overcome the obstacles that are affecting your health and fitness, a rehabilitation physician can help to identify those obstacles and recommend a course of action that’s suited to your specific needs. Whether you need pain medication or other treatments rehabilitation doctors in Mansfield, TX can help.


There are remedies available for your issue. Medications are available for pain, and there is also great hope when it comes to exercise and physical therapy to overcome your discomfort.

Advanced Physical Medicine Mansfield TX

Advanced physical medicine, also known as rehabilitation medicine or therapy are programs that aim to enhance and restore functional abilities and wellbeing to patients with physical impairments or disabilities.

These programs help to restore affected or injured bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, spinal cord and brain.

The programs are conducted by specialized medical personnel and teams to ensure that a patient fully recovers from a disability or physical impairment.

Advanced physical medicine is a combination of chiropractic, physical medicine and fitness approach to health.

Types of advanced physical medicine

There are several types of advanced physical medicine or therapy.

These include:

Pediatric physical therapy

Pediatric physical therapy is designed to help babies, children and adolescents overcome physical health problems, build muscular and skeletal strength, and their overall wellbeing.

Babies, children or adolescents with different health conditions experience a fast recovery rate by engaging in different physical activities which are supervised by a specialized pediatric physical therapist.

Conditions such as sports-related injuries, accidental injuries, fractures, musculoskeletal problems, torticollis, pes planus, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, abnormal gait, et al, can be treated with pediatric physical therapy.

Geriatric physical therapy

Geriatric physical therapies are physical activities which are designed to help strengthen the muscles and bones in adults.

As we grow older, the body experiences wear and tears, tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles begin to decrease in their efficiency and strength. Geriatric physical therapy helps to enhance and improve the functionalities of these important body parts and the overall wellbeing of an individual.

Neurological physical therapy

Neurological physical therapy is designed to help promote the healing process of neurological diseases or conditions such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, Parkinson, and other neurological conditions.

Most neurological conditions are chronic, but with the help of neurological physical therapy, these conditions experience a faster healing process.

Orthopedic physical therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy is designed to help and facilitate the recovery of muscle strength.

Some people are unable to use their muscles due to an injury or accident. With the help of orthopedic physical therapy, they are taken through a series of physical activities and exercises that will enhance and improve the functioning of the muscles.

Orthopedic physical therapy helps people that are involved in an accident or injury recover faster.

Cardiovascular/Pulmonary physical therapy

This therapy is a program that is designed for the treatment and recovery of cardiovascular or pulmonary conditions.

Health conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis, heart attacks, et al, can be treated using cardiovascular/pulmonary therapy.

This therapy helps to build independence and grow muscular strength for the overall wellbeing of the patient.

Vestibular rehabilitation

This program is designed to help a patient find a better body balance. Some medical conditions could make it difficult for an individual to stand upright and with a perfect body balance.

Vestibular rehabilitation will help teach the body how to have a better balance and how to use the muscles effectively.

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic is a program designed to enhance musculoskeletal alignment. With chiropractic care, patients with joint pain or injury, fracture, nerve dysfunction, spinal problems, et al, are restored.

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